• Maria Hastings

pretty in pink

Today I've.been rocking the colour pink. Pink is a great colour and whilst it's not favoured by all , there is in fact a pink for all of us; it's just a case of finding the right pink for you! If you get the shade right compliments will be aplenty; if you get the shade wrong it will at best overtake your whole look and at worst you will look paler than pale and decidedly unhealthy with a unhealthy palour.

so It's important to understand which are the right pinks for you and which ones should be left behind on a hanger on the shop floor.

Its important that you understand your skin tone when you are choosing a shade of pink. If you think of the colour wheel ( think having paints mixed at the Dulux stand at your local Hombase store - I hope you find reading this post a tadge bit more exciting than watching paint dry !). On one side of the colour wheel you will find all the warm yellow based pinks such as 'coral', 'salmon', and all the peachy pinks like 'apricot'. . on the other side you will find the likes of 'baby pink', 'orchid' and 'blush pink'. These pinks sit on the very cool edge of the wheel .

just to mix things up, there are also very clear vibrant pinks. ' hot pink' and 'cyclamen' which really love being in the lime light . Colours like these really deserve your understanding of when? where? and whether to wear them at all ?.

Gorgeous muted light pinks like 'icy pink' ( a cool soft shade of pink) share space around the wheel with 'power pink' and 'dusty rose' and deep pinks such as 'rose' pack a great punch when used for impact on the correct natural colouring and skin tone.

There are many ways to stand out for all the right reasons when you wear pink . Someone with warm natural colouring will look fabulous & positively peachy in 'peach' but when that person wears one of the cooler shades of pink such as 'fuschia' all that preachiness will disappear in an instant.

Likewise when someone with a very cool look ( think the two Dames ; Helen Mirren & Judi Dench) walk down the red carpet wearing 'pastel pink' or 'light apricot' the cool harmony and balance of their look in the cooler shades disappears & Her Majesty & Miss 007 fade out of the limelight .

So you see it's important that you understand which shades suit your natural colouring. There's nothing more impactful than the colour and style of clothes that you wear when someone sees you for the fist time. .

get the shade right and you will be remembered for all heck if http reason; get it wrong and the opposite could be true !

Here I am wearing gorgeous coral pink .

The meaning of the colour pink -

~ Pink; a colour that conjures up romantic; charming ; feminine & tenderness. Pink is also the colour of universal love of oneself~

If you too love the colour pink go and find one just for you !

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