• Maria Hastings

You either have; or you haven't got style !

Is the above true? Some people just seem to have it . A seemingly effortless way of putting an outfit and a certain look together .. But where one person succeeds another is surely to fail .

Finding your own style is a tricky thing . For many of us shopping isn't a joy; & being faced with row upon row of styles & colours in shops on the high street leaves us feeling down hearted & confused . Have you ever wondered how refreshed & joyous you would feel if someone waved a magic want over you & instantly transformed you into the best version of you which you could possibly be?!

You would be left understanding exactly which colours you can wear which really suit you ; leaving you looking radiant; healthier and in many cases younger . You would be able to make the right choices colour wise every time you went shopping & would instantly become a savvy shopper only choosing items which you will wear and which will lift your confidence; & which suit you . Think of the time and money you would save !

Take a a second to imagine how it would feel carefully gathering a workable capsule wardrobe which would take you from casual day time fun; a current working wardrobe ; to elegant smart casual looks without too much hassle and without having to raid your bank account !


If you mix everything you have learnt about the olours you should choose, with total understanding of your body shape & knowing how to dress it to add that extra va-via-vroom ; showing off the bits of you which you love ; and disguising the bits of you which you are confident about ; then I'm sure you can imagine what a valuable gift for life this would be .

If you are someone who struggles with knowing what suits them; then my Colour and Style experience could be exactly what you are looking for . With many years in the fashion industry ( & too many years to mention being female ) I understand the female body and what women want out of fashion.

There me are many personal stylist out there ; all offering you the chance to change your look. Take a look at my quick video ; & if you think we would connect; & you think I could help you, then please get in touch.

Alternatively if if you know someone who would benefit from having my Colour and Style experience then drop me a line and we can organise a gift voucher for this service .

Thank you you for watching .

All the best


quick tip : take a trusted friend with you every time you go shopping for a special item . A good friend never lies; but dressing room lighting does !

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