• Maria Hastings

When I'm feeling Blue ......

Who doesn't love the colour blue? ! Not many of us it would seem .

For some, when we see a colour which we love, it conjures up positive images in our mind's eye ; with vivid reflections of our past experiences & beliefs .

The colour blue is associated with clear blue skies; crystal clear oceans, & our planet when viewed in twinkly night skies. One feels positive just thinking about the colour blue !

Blue comes in many many shades from the palest pastels of sky blue ; through to the deep hues of Sapphire , Chinese & true blue. Choosing a blue to wear is all about finding a shade which suits your natural colouring and enhances your overall look .

If you have a strong natural look with deep colouring ( think medium to dark brown /black hair ; dark brows & deep brown hazel, blue or green eyes) you should try looking at the deeper shades of blue . Navy, Cornflower , Sapphire, Royal & Lapis blue to name but a few . These are gorgeous deep blues which will give you a fantastic pop of colour . You can mix these deep shades with strong neutral colours such as Grey , Black or Navy ; or, if you fancy a more dramatic look, with shades of pink & corals ; or for a more subtle' look, with the lighter blues such as Icy , Powder & Sky blue .

If you have a more gentle natural colouring then you should choose the paler shades such as Icy blue; Bluebell & Powder blue as your main colour ; & carefully mix it with subtle paler shades such as powder pink & mint . This lighter look will compliment your natural colouring well if you feel you would like to add a bit more colour to your overall look then choose a gorgeous handbag in one of your neutral colours such as Pewter; Stone or Navy . If you're in a playful mood and love a bit of colour then choose a bag in one of your favourite fashion colours !

There is nothing more impactful ,when someone meets you for the first time , than the colour and the style of clothes which you are wearing. Which colours we wear can affect how we are perceived by people who we meet.

If you wear the colour blue you will appear reassuring & someone trustworthy . Blue has a

calming influence which explains its use in the medical world ( blue flashing lights on an ambulance ;

medical staff uniforms)

Start your day on a positive note and find the right blue for you!

Thank you for reading my blog

Maria's Quick tip: Save sales buying to buy classic items only! Items such as classic jackets, trousers and coats. What may seem like a good idea on the shop floor simply because it has been knocked down to a rock bottom price, may not seem such a good idea in the light of day. Did you really need that spangly figure hugging dress which looked so forgiving in the fitting room ?!

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