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In the Navy !

What a fantastic colour Navy is! It's versatile, & goes with everything.

Today's client has deep natural colouring . She typically avoids going clothes shopping because she is scared of wearing colour and black is her 'go to' whenever she does venture into the high street.

During today's colour analysis she discovered some fantastic new neutral colours to experiment with ( 'neutral' colours are the colours you should choose for all your 'investment' buys - think Spring coat, jackets, linen trousers, Winter coats etc).

Once you understand which colours suit you, its a good idea to invest in buying essential pieces which are the corner stones of putting together a fantastically useable capsule wardrobe, in these neutral colours.

One big surprise for her was the colour Navy. Navy is one heck of a fabulous colour and a must for anyone with deep dark natural colouring. There are two types of Navy, light Navy, and then deep Navy - no prizes for guessing which one looked the best on my girl today.

To get the very best out of using Navy in her wardrobe my client needs to wear it in contrast with some of her amazing fashion colours which we also discovered today. Favourite colour combinations were Navy and Kelly Green, Navy with true Red and the gorgeous combination of Navy and Orange. ( wow - I can still see her excitement as we mixed and matched wonderful colour combinations) and with each new reveal I could see a new found confidence coming to the surface.

I am looking forward to hearing how she gets on , and how her confidence grows as she experiments with items which are already in her wardrobe - mixing and matching with the easy of Mary Poppins ( spit spot ) , and also hearing of her success as she hits the shops !

Style Tip of the day

"As well as choosing a great colour which suits you, take the fabric into consideration. You can use something in a nice light material all year round, and for a sophisticated look seek check out pin tucking which will help define your waist'

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