• Maria Hastings

The Colour Purple

The Colour Purple is mysterious, magical & beautiful & there is a shade to suit everyone.

From soft lilac to the deepest darkest purple and every shade in between, purple conjures up images of the mysterious and magical. It can be worn on its own or with other shades, or worn as a neutral colour and mixed with pastels or other bold colours for a current contrasting look - the possibilities are endless!

Choose lilac and plum shades if you have a cool skin tone. To check whether a shade suits you, place the colour up against your face in good day light and look in the mirror . If you look healthy and vibrant then this could be the shade for you! If you look sallow and dull then try choosing a different shade.

Choose royal purple and deep purple if you have warm skin tone. Always check in the mirror to see if the shade lights you up - if it does then there is a very good chance that this is the shade for you

A cautionary tail -

It is well known that the colours we wear can affect other people's perception of us. Chosen carefully, purple will give you an instant boost of confidence which in itself is a wonderful thing, but be mindful of wearing too much purple in business - you may well feel uber confident but could have those you are trying to impress\get on your side running for the hills!

To discover which colours you should wear please join me in my colour hub for a colour analysis.

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Maria x

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