• Maria Hastings

Sparkle like a Princess

Kate looks every inch a Princess in this fabulous Maxi Dress by Tori Burch

I'm loving this Maxi Dress by designer Tori Burch. The colours are exquisite and are set off beautifully by the gorgeous pumpkin orange pashmina.

This is a perfect colour combination for Kate's deep warm natural colouring. The warm tones of Bitter Sweet Red, Apple Green, and Charcoal & Stone work beautifully together . She looks Radiant, Regal and is sparkling like a Princess!

If you too have deep warm, natural colouring wear deep contrasting colours on the warmer side of the colour spectrum. They will go beautifully with your skin tone and natural colouring. Don't forget, if you want to add a pop of colour then choose an accessory in a bold print to set the look off nicely.

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