• Maria Hastings

Time to Ditch the Wardrobe?

How many of the Clothes you own do you actually wear? and when you think of your wardrobe does Narnia spring to mind?!

If the answer is 'not many' and 'yes!' then it could be time to re-think your life, razzle up your wardrobe and re-invent yourself!

Owning too many clothes can stress us out and is not good for ones self esteem.

So many of us buy clothes on a whim thinking it was a good buy in the light of the dressing room- it's interesting how sales items particularly have an ability to pull us in - only to come home to discover that what you thought you saw in the well-lit cubicle ( remember - Hobbs and Marks and Spencer spend a lot of money on their 'you will look gorgeous' lighting) doesn't quite give you the Gwen Paltrow look you were after .

If this sounds like you then it's time to stop wasting your time and money on items which you will never or seldom wear.

Choose a day when you are stress free, open the wardrobe door and take a good look at everything you see and ask yourself 3 questions.

1 when did you last wear it? (if you cant remember then you've answered your own question..)

2 do you need it?

3 what are you going to do about it?

Pull everything out of your wardrobe, if it hasn't been worn in 3-6 months then it's unlikely that it will be worn anytime soon!

Group items together according to their use. ie working wardrobe, leisure time.

smart casual , LBD and black tie items.

(being a colour expert, I cant resist grouping items into their colour groups but that's just me ).

Take an item, & if you're not sure when it last saw the light of day, then place it in your wardrobe with the hanger turned the opposite way . (if the hanger remains as it is after several months, then this item needs to find a new owner)

Find items which you like and try mixing things up! The ever faithful single breasted jacket can take on a whole new look when mixed with a denim skirt for instance, or with jeans instead of a pair of work trousers.

Many new treasures are to be found in your wardrobe when you learn to mix and match.

If you like an item, and wear it often , then place it back in your wardrobe with hanger facing correctly.

Place unwanted items in a pile, and check through them & Decide whether to ebay them, which will give you some extra cash to go and buy items which you will wear, and which will form part of your new look. Any other items which will surely look good on a friend or family member will, I am sure, be welcomed.

Don't forget accessories! There's no sure fired way of giving last year's look a refreshing new zest than updating your jewellery and scarves.

Owning a fabulous capsule wardrobe is just a clothes hanger away.

Good luck!

Thanks for reading my blog

Maria xx

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