• Maria Hastings

Help Me - My wardrobe is bursting at the seams, nothing excites me & I have absolutely nothing t

Yesterday's client was in a right old rut. She had been plucking up the courage to let me loose on her wardrobe for a long time and finally took and plunge and called me. She explained that she had many clothes, and in fact buying new items weekly had become a bit of a habit, and yet she struggled daily to find things to wear which excited her.

Unravelling her problem was easy as it was obvious from entering her bedroom that there were simply too many clothes.- so; where to begin? and how to make things better? - the first thing i did was to take everything out of her wardrobe, so we could actually see what we were dealing with!

As I began pulling hangers out and placing them onto her bed, my client gasped 'Oh my Hobbs dresses, please don't tell me to get rid of them! (as if i would do any such thing).

Items were gone through one by one. If something made her smile then it could stay. If it fitted her, made her skin glow and altogether was a fabulous piece then it could stay. If it was worn, over-washed, tatty, or just down right not very nice, then it had to go.

Items were tried on, tested for their wearability, appropriateness and how high they struck on the happiness and confidence barometer and whether they suited her colouring and body shape or not. . Anything which didn't make the grade was put aside.

Items which didn't make it back into her wardrobe were placed in three separate piles. One pile for selling on to a local nearly new shop ( this is always a good plan) ,another pile was made to take the items to a charity shop and the last pile was for giving items to other family members for them to enjoy.

Once everything had been sorted through, items were then put back into the wardrobe and placed in to groups. Evening wear and occasion wear were placed in the least accessible part of the wardrobe as they are worn less frequently, trousers and jeans were together, jackets and tops hung gloriously in their colour groups as I turned and saw my client delighting in the knowledge that she DOES indeed have many fantastic pieces to wear which can be mixed and matched to make some great refreshing new looks!

my client has fantastic deep natural colouring and enjoys wearing deep colours, prints and colour blocking and I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to help her re-invent herself and inject some va va zoom into her new look!

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