• Maria Hastings

Free falling, Lewis Capaldi, a Twisted Towel & a Boob problem

All I can say is it's been a while ! 3 years to be precise, since I last wrote here on my blog. For those of you who don't know, I was diagnosed with a rather aggressive form of breast cancer in 2013. It knocked the stuffing right out of me and, as positive as I am, it really was a challenging time for both me and the fam and of course for the breast I so desperately wanted to hang on to.

I'd never had big boobs as such but they were ample I believe . When I put a dress or a top on they did me proud and made me feel 'all woman' - that's how I felt anyway!

One day in 2013 I was bobbing along nicely in a happy housewifey ' I run my own business don't you know' kind of way, busy juggling running my small business from home whilst being 'mummmmmmm' to two busy teenagers, & the next morning I stood looking in the mirror in my bathroom post shower wearing a twisted towel on my head (you know the style, recently parodied by Lewis Capaldi ( who I must add was pretty damn fantastic when I saw him last month at Glastonbury !- still only 22 I kid you not ) staring at my right breast knowing instinctively that something wasn't right - & knowing instinctively that something was very wrong .

I don't know quite how to describe the feeling I had at that moment , But I can still remember to this day how it felt - it all happened in stages in a very short space of time ;everything slowed down & everything went still . It actually felt like the planet had halted , no longer spinning on its axel , then it quickly speeded up and I felt like I was free falling off the edge , I landed with a silent thud & made a call to my GP......

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