• Maria Hastings

Clothes give comfort & strength in the scariest of times

And so even more scary times were about to begin, and to be honest the #clothes I wore during these tough times gave me #courage & a #belief that I was going to get through whatever was going to be thrown at me in the coming weeks and months.

I remember the first day I walked into the #chemotherapy suite were I was to go on & have treatment over the next few months.

I'd made a point of getting #dressed up; really dressed up that morning, #heels, face makeup, #lipstick, #dress & #jacket. I remember the strength I felt as I dressed. For just a few minutes I felt 'normal' & forgot. I certainly looked normal.

I had my hair, my breast, my life...I knew that If I put the effort into looking my best, then I would walk in #feeling my #best. This is what I wanted. I'd been running my #image #consultant #business for the last 5 years in #Berkshire & I understood well the affect that taking care over how you look can have & the comfort it can give.

I don't know what other patients on the ward may have thought of me when I tip tapped into the ward in my heels that day, but knowing that I didn't look like a cancer patient, whatever that means, was important to me & was my aim because, after all, if I looked like one then maybe 'it' would defeat me & take me & that was never going to happen. I wouldn't let it.

As the months progressed, try as hard as I might there were certainly days when I did look like I had cancer, these days were the darkest; but before this time life was ok, feeling #positive even good & I had begun receiving the treatment I needed.